Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What will happen next?

So many questions and doubts once everyone graduates from high school. Wait, this question also includes TV shows and so much more!!

When you graduate, the first thing that will come to your mind is what course should I take? No, it's let party till we get all loose and apply for any college last minute. Well, there's so many foundation courses and pre-u programmes!! Which one to take? There's A-Levels, IBP, SAM, AUSMAT, blah blah blah, etc..... To find out which is more appropriate, google about your future career, which college or university offers it and what's the requirement?!! We must work the other way around to find out the right choice. Well, for me, I want to be a commercial pilot!! So, I google-d some airlines to find out their requirements. Some allows us to go straight after high school, but some wants us to have at least an A-Level or a bachelor degrees connecting to aviation. Yeah, most probably I'll take A-Levels!!

The next step is to find the college that offers the the course. Find out its fees, how widely is it recognised if you want to work overseas that is. Don't forget to check its lecturers and facilities too. Better still visit the campus to see whether it's legit!! If you want to get a genuine result, visit the college on any normal day except for its Open Day. This is because Open Day is just like a stage play!! Everyone will be acting to show off their skills to rake in some profits. So, just give them a surprise visit!!

How about the money? There's scholarship and grants and bursaries. You name it, they got it! But, you must be excellent at something. Either in academics, sports or music. There's scholarship for them but not all colleges offer these. Sad... So, you better be good at something!! No, #1 at MW3 ain't gonna work unless you want to be a game critic!!XD

Next stop, let's predict what will happen in the FINALE of The Kitchen Musical!! So, what will it be? Will Daniel come back?(I meant, will he appear in this last episode? Hope so!!) Will Alex and Maddie break up?(Hoping for this too!) Will Harry tell Maddie the truth and will they reconcile?(I really want to see Maddie's reaction to this!) Will Avilon close down because there's the awesome SILVER RAY?!!!!(That's Daniel Ray's restaurant name if you haven't find out.) AND, WILL THERE BE SEASON 2 OF THE KITCHEN MUSICAL?!!! We have to wait and find out. Only good things come to those who wait!! Haha, does that sounds like it came from a song?

You guessed it!! Ok, enough with David Archuleta. Let's continue with The Kitchen Musical!! So, what will really happen? I really want to know what y'all think if you are following this series!! Let me know too!!

Christian Bautista (Daniel Ray - ex-sous chef at Avilon, now owner & chef at Silver Ray)
Karylle Tatlonghari (Maddie Avilon - sous chef at Avilon, daughter of Christopher Avilon)

Stephen Rahman Hughes (Alex Marcus - executive chef at Avilon)
Rosemary Vandenbroucke (Selena Argon - sommelier at Avilon)
Arthur Acuna (Harry Shaw - Avilon's general manager)

Ikey Canoy (Winston - pastry chef)

Thou Reyes (Thou - line cook)

Juan Jackson (Juan -line cook)

Carla Dunareanu (Carla - line cook)

Erwin Shah Ismail (Rico - dishwasher)

Juwanda Hassim (Nelson - bartender)

Nadiah M. Din (Britney - receptionist)

Oon Shu An (Paula - receptionist)

Gayle Nerva (Gayle - waitress)

Rebecca Spykerman (Bec - waitress)

Debra Teng (Leslie - head waitress)

These are the main cast of The Kitchen Musical. There are other artistes who made a cameo in this show like Adrian Pang as Bryan S. Looking forward to this series finale!! Okay, paalam*!!

*paalam means goodbye in tagalog. Tribute to the cast who majority are Filipinos!!

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